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In Northwest Indiana there are many reasons to have carpet in your home. One of the biggest is that there are many months of cold weather and in those months there is nothing more comfortable than stepping on nice warm carpets first thing in the morning. You won’t get that feeling with hardwood floors, or tile or even cement. The best benefit about carpeting in colder climates, like Northwest Indiana is that they provide an additional layer of hating for your home or office that make it more livable. One of the things that Tudor Floors, Carpet One Direct specializes in, is helping you make your home the most comfortable it can be, because who really wants to come home to a place that feels cold and is uninviting?

Carpeting Has Many Benefits For Families

Of all the types of carpet, older shag carpeting is probably the least desirable for most of our customers. It is generally of poorer quality, it is extremely easy to mess up, and it does not have anywhere near the modern aesthetic that many customers are looking for in their homes. If you want carpeting, there are lots of alternatives that will make your home feel like a place you want to live in. There are tight knit, woven carpets that are plush and even rougher fort hose who need something that can stand up to the heavy wear and tear of pets and children running around.

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